I am trying to find sea level pressure data from any stations in -20 to -90 latitude for any dates. Can you direct me to these data?

The following dataset contains this information:

You can than find stations in your desired latitudes two different ways.

  1. Put 20S and 90S in the latitude text boxes to the left of the map and click on the "Redraw" button. You can then select stations by clicking on the new map or the "List of stations in current view" link.
  2. Click on the "Searches" button to the right of the map. You can then enter -90 and -20 into the latitude boxes in the table and click on the "Search NOAA NCDC DAILY STATION" button.

When you have the list of stations in your desired region you can select data from individual stations by clicking on their WMO ID box and then the "Get Marked Stations" button at the bottom of the page or you can select data for all of the stations in the list by clicking on the "Data (and map) with all data found in search" link.

To select the mean sea level pressue, select "mean" under "Datasets and variables" at the bottom of the page and follow the similar links to sea level pressure.